Verena Johannsmann

Verena Johannsmann, Germany
While thinking about advancement of her theses and post doc research in Avantgarde Performance-Art Dr. Verena Johannsmann worked for Art Basel on a Curatorial Design (between Miami Beach and Hong Kong) the last months. Before then she assisted temporary with the preparation for the Honolulu Biennale Foundation and its Prologue Exhibition in Hawaii while she was finishing her phd thesis in Europe. Verena Johannsmann currently works and lives in Berlin and feels home in research activities in international libraries (including the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts), artists` archives and private collections (Paul Rosenberg Collection, New York). Verena worked in several museum environments like the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As a Trainee she assisted Klaus Biesenbach in the Media and Performance-Art Department and Michelle Elligott in the Archives of the Museum. Besides press work, corresponding with high profile individuals and international artists (Marina Abramovic, Tehching Hsieh), Verena assisted with the preparation and implementation of two major exhibition projects. To that Verena also worked in several auctioning environments while she was studying and finishing her phd (e.g. Phillips de Pury & Company, exhibition and charity auction: HotSpot Berlin, at the Literature House Berlin in 2011).

Articles (2)

Recapturing Nature! Touching Sensation(al) Interfaces with lasting Handsomeness
Article date: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Recapturing Nature! Touching Sensation(al) Interfaces with lasting Handsomeness

The powerful paintings of Richard Phillips go far beyond art systems and the representational function of their medium.

Article date: Sunday, August 6, 2017


Aesthetic views expressed by the art of painting in Tim Eitels work are often wise abstractions of increasing complexities on inner perceptions and sensitivities. An astonished glance searching for traces of existential themes and legitimations in human life will here be called out on this at first especially quiet and peaceful surface of substantial meaningful art. An unique expression that is influenced from own views of places and encounters as he says.

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Museo Jumex (a private art collection based in Mexico City, Mexico) / David Chipperfield. Image © Simon Menges

Museo Jumex (a private art collection based in Mexico City, Mexico) / David Chipperfield. Image © Simon Menges


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