By Etienne Verbist - Friday, November 10, 2017

Art Düsseldorf partners with PRNCPL to launch new mobile app. Visitors can scan any artwork at the fair to reveal and save its information.


PRNCPL is a new technology platform for the art industry, PRNCPL’s primary focus is to help art fairs manage their data, and to create the best possible digital experience for participating galleries, collectors and visitors. Art Düsseldorf (Nov 16-19), will be the first art fair to partner with PRNCPL.

PRNCPL is pushing the envelope of the art fair experience, which hasn’t changed much in recent years.

The most game-changing function of the app is the ability to scan artworks to reveal information in real time. When photographing an artwork, the app will identify the piece and store its information, including a high quality image, the exhibitor’s contact details plus any additional info provided by the gallery, such as medium, dimensions or price.

While digital previews of art fairs are nothing new, and both visitors and collectors have a long-established habit of photographing artworks and their labels for reference, this is the first time that a connection is made between the digital catalog and the physical art at the fair. This technology will dramatically change how visitors interact with art fairs.

The benefits of bridging the gap between the physical reality and the digital experience are plentiful. For collectors, the app offers a simple, easy interface to curate favorite works seen at the fair; at the same time providing the necessary details to connect with galleries before, during and after the show. It even provides the collector with a professional photo of the artwork, replacing poorly framed and badly lit mobile photos. The app makes it easy for collectors or art advisors to share artworks with their clients, friends or social media followers.

Galleries will benefit from the additional attention and the frictionless experience for collectors – all meant to assist galleries in the sales process.

The PRNCPL app engine uses state of the art image recognition technology and works entirely offline. This allows the response time to be incredibly fast and helps international visitors avoid roaming charges.

Although not every artwork is as easily recognized – particularly sculptures, videos or reflective works are challenging — visitors can also scan an artwork’s label to fetch its corresponding information.

The core product of PRNCPL is a database system for art fairs, helping the shows better manage and use their data. PRNCPL also offers related services as an extension, of which the art fair app engine is the first to be launched. 

See a preview here. Download the app at art-dus.de/app

Image on top: Moenen Erbuer, Tobias Boonstoppel, founders of PRNCPL

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Jessica Rankin's new work for 'Art World Goes Green' initiative in support of WWF action on climate crisis.


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