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Opening to the public from 30 October – 2 November, the 22nd edition of ART TAIPEI will take over the Taipei World Trade Centre with a brand new look and a larger scale. A strong presence of galleries from Taiwan will be joined by 38 new international exhibitors participating at the fair for the first time, including galleries from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, The United States, and Vietnam.


Opening to the public from 30 October – 2 November, the 22nd edition of ART TAIPEI will take over the Taipei World Trade Centre with a brand new look and a larger scale. A strong presence of galleries from Taiwan will be joined by 38 new international exhibitors participating at the fair for the first time, including galleries from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mainland China, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, The United States, and Vietnam. Highlights in the fair include remarkable classic works by Surrealist artists Salvador Dali and Marc Chagall, works by renowned Chinese artists Zao Wou-Ki and Walasse Ting, and works by Yayoi Kusama, whose Asia touring exhibition just ended in Taiwan. A number of galleries will focus their presentations on contemporary artists from East and Southeast Asia. Rooted in Asia, ART TAIPEI 2015 also embraces the art world globally. 

 Galleries section 

The Galleries section showcases galleries that have been established for at least three years. This year’s Galleries section will feature 133 galleries, presenting a selection of artworks in various media, many of which will be on show for the first time in Taiwan. Local galleries such as Da Xiang Art Space (Taiwan) will present the work Evolving Ink by Chinese contemporary artist Qin Chong, which revives the spirit of ink art through installation; Galleria H. (Taiwan) will showcase works in various art forms by British artist Saad Qureshi, exploring the topic of cultural belonging; Michael Ku Gallery (Taiwan) will present Taipei Arts Awards 2014 winner, Yi-Hong Jian’s new ink and color work Flight 116; LIANG GALLERY (Taiwan) will bring Yen Ching Chieh’s work that reflects technological and science fantasies, as well as Lin Hung-Hsin’s Swimmer I that presents a strong visual impact; AKI Gallery (Taiwan)’s presentation will showcase contemporary sculptures by Japanese sculptors Katsura Funakoshi and Yoshimasa Tsuchiya, which capture the warmth and texture of wood; Chini Gallery (Taiwan) will present works by Lee Kuang-Yu and Teng Pu-Chun. Other galleries including Tina Keng Gallery (Taiwan, Beijing), Capital Art Center (Taiwan), Fish Art Center (Taiwan), Ever Harvest Art Gallery (Taiwan), Asia Art Center (Taiwan, Beijing), Dynasty Art Gallery (Taiwan), and Eslite Gallery (Taiwan), will present works by many emerging contemporary artists. 


General impressions of ART TAIPEI 2014. Courtesy ART TAIPEI

Galleries from other regions will also showcase exciting works in different art forms, including drawings, acrylic on canvas, mixed media installations, and sculptures. Galerie du Monde (Hong Kong) will present the mixed media work 0-viewpoint-3-11 by contemporary female artist Stella Zhang, revealing the process of self-positioning of a woman in different cultures. Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery (Hong Kong), also from Hong Kong, will showcase a selection of female portraits with translucent texture by Atsushi Suwa. Galleria Continua (Beijing, San Gimignano, Le Moulin) from Beijing, which joins the fair for the first time, will be showing work by Belgian visual artist Hans Op de Beeck at its booth, alongside Qiu Zhijie’s mixed media work Life is but a span, resigned to fate. Galerie Urs Meile (Beijing, Lucerne) will present a not to be missed exhibition by Tobias Rehberger, the 53th International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia Golden Lion winner. Line Gallery (Beijing) will present contemporary Chinese sculptor group Li Wei & Liu Zhiyin as well as sculptures by Yan Shilin; Whitestone Gallery (Tokyo, Hong Kong) will showcase Jiro Yoshihara and Shuji Mukai’s gouacheand mixed media paintings; OTA FINE ARTS (Tokyo, Singapore) will bring Indian artist Rina Banerjee’s installation built with found objects and ARTCOURT Gallery (Osaka) from Japan will present Kozo Nishino’s large scale titanium sculpture Sky Memory, which was on show at the Shanghai Biennale in 2012. In addition to works on show at the fair, Tokyo Gallery+BTAP (Tokyo, Beijing) has invited Chiharu Nishizawa to create a work with the theme of a religious festival feast on site. The setting of the religious festival will depict how modern people follow mainstream values and opinions, resulting in limitations to their thoughts. 

General impressions of ART TAIPEI 2014. Courtesy ART TAIPEI

Frontier section 

The Frontier section, dedicated to new and multimedia art, will present seven Taiwan and international galleries, including 1335 Mabini (Manila), a.m. space (Hong Kong), Chini Gallery (Taiwan), Double Square Gallery (Taiwan), Galerie Grand Siecle (Taiwan), Mingshan Art (Taiwan), and Silverlens (Manila, Singapore). This section will present various art forms, including digital, interactive,sound art, and installations. Silverlens will present Filipino artist Martha Atienza’s video work Study in Reality No. 4. Both the gallery and the artist will be presenting in ART TAIPEI for the first time this year. Atienza’s work will guide viewers to explore the changes in the natural environment from different perspectives. 1335 Mabini will present Australian artist Clemens Hollerer’s dynamic work that interacts with the environment. Chini Gallery will show Chang Huei-ming and Liao Chi-yu’s video work and digital photography. All these works will enable visitors to closely examine new media art works. 

Future section 

The Future section was formerly the Young Artist Discovery section. This section provides a platform for galleries outside of Taiwan to promote up and coming artists under 35, and will have a dialogue with the eight outstanding works from Taiwan presented in the Made in Taiwan section which is a section dedicated for emerging artists from Taiwan. This section focuses on solo presentations, providing a space to present the artist’s idea and the work’s theme comprehensively, opening up dialogues between the works, the viewers, and the space. This year, AIKE-DELLARCO (Shanghai), which was set up in Italy and later moved to Shanghai, will bring to the fair Chinese artist Wang Yi’s visually strong paintings. The artist emphasizes on detail and his artistic practice, using geometric shapes that cross over with each other to present the social structure. Richard Koh Fine Art (Kuala Lumpur) is dedicated to discovering new artists from Southeast Asia. The gallery will be joining the fair with Malaysian artist Haffendi Anuar, who’s known for his multimedia works, redefining the relations between technology, media, and art. He examines the current social situations of Kuala Lumpur, as well as the complexities of the reality in daily life. H Gallery (Jakarta), which will be presenting at the fair for the first time, will showcase Indonesian artist Joko Herli W.’s work that is at the same time peaceful and dynamic. All these works will be presented alongside works from galleries including the Equator Art Project (Magelang, Singapore), Wei-Ling Gallery (Kuala Lumpur), Vin Gallery (Ho Chi Ming), Gallery Irritum (Daegu) and Standing Pine (Nagoya). 

General impressions of ART TAIPEI 2014. Courtesy ART TAIPEI

In the same section, Made in Taiwan will be represented by young artists, Chen Pei Xin, Chung He-Hsien, Fan Sih-Ci, Huang Ko Wei, Huang Po Hsun, Lin Yu-Chun, Tseng Chien-Ying and Zhang Xu Zhan, who were shortlisted for Made In Taiwan organized by the Ministry of Culture. These artists will showcase works about their unique perspectives on the environment and art created by various techniques and media. Chen Pei-xin presents Chinese painting and uses the techinque of reserved-blank to depict scenes from dreams. Fan Sih-Ci uses ball pens that can be easily found in daily life, and uses lines to reunite the movements of the body and the environment, leading to new perceptions of the existing world. Huang Po Hsun’s works are rich in colour and focuses on abstract and surreal forms. He-Hsien Chung uses computer drawings to build an unknown world, expanding the imagination of the viewers. Lin Yu-Chun uses layers of ink to reveal deep emotions. Tseng Chien-Ying uses elements of Buddhism to present the tension between the body and the spirit, asking questions about the society. Huang Ko Wei presents unlimited viewing perspectives in a long painting, challenging the senses of the viewers. Zhang Xu Zhan’s works are full of dark humor, using new media and videos to create ridiculous settings to explore the experience of living in the contemporary world. The 16 artists will presnt works from different cultural backgrounds and timeframes, showcasing the diversity of Asia. 

Premiere section 

ART TAIPEI 2015 will present the Premiere section for the first time. All the works on show in this section were created within the past three years, or have never been presented in Taiwan before. INNO ART (Taiwan) will present Gu Wenda’s controversial work in the Metamorphoses series. Art Space KIN GYO KOO KAN (Taiwan) will showcase Moeko Kudo’s My next door neighbours are in the middle of dinner, which won the 2014 Tokyo Wonder Wall Award. Galerie OVO (Taiwan) will present new works of different media by artists including Lu Xiao, Yi-Shiang Yang and Ji Futang, redefining contemporary two-dimensional paintings and its possibilities. 

ART TAIPEI 2015, a grand feast of art 

During the four-days of ART TAIPEI 2015, galleries from Taiwan will be joined by leading galleries from other regions to present a diversity of works that reflect the latest trends of the international art scene. Local architecture office Wooyo, led by partners Hom Liou and Bruce Wang, will create a new floor plan for the halls, and Li Meng-Chieh has created a new logo with a black background and four bold colours that echo with the four sections of ART TAIPEI 2015. ART TAIPEI 2015 has also invited renowned Japanese musician Koji Sakurai to create music for the ART TAIPEI 2015 corporate video, which will be released in mid-September. Koji was previously the Music Director of NHK Japan before he settled in Taiwan and became engaged in the creations and performances of pop music and performing arts. Koji has created a number of milestones for Taiwan’s music scene. ART TAIPEI 2015 will undoubtedly be a grand feast of art. 


VIP Preview - Thursday, 29th October 

Vernissage - Thursday, 29th October 

Public Opening - Friday, 30th October 3 – Monday, 2nd November 

Opening Hours - 11 am – 7 pm (Till 6 pm on Monday, 2nd November) 

More information is here.

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