Image: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien, image Wikimedia Commons


"The VAT reduction had a more intensive effect," says Markus Peichl, whose Galerie Crone in Vienna and Berlin is established. Since the beginning of July Peichl experienced a lot more collectors ' inter - esse, also by the effect of solidarity. The reduction would have increased the awareness of the problems of galleries and artists. "The art of Germany as a location has been damaged by the tax increase in 2014 from seven to nine to ten percent solid," says Peichl to the resulting competitive disadvantage. Proved the tax had reached dimensions no more revenue, because many art dealers in Germany would have swept the back. Beyond the VAT, the deductibility of art is one of purchases as an operating expense of the main demands of the Viennese gallerist. The tax depreciation is made in Austria since the mid-nineties years of the policy. The galleries Association launched a new initiative for culture state Secretary, Andrea Mayer. For the first time, the "producers" to support the suggestion: the artists ' Association Secession has demanded in an open letter, the tax deductibility as an auxiliary measure.

A lot of air purchases upwards in the area of the Museum. Annually, five of the ten selected museums in Austria by the Federal government 36 500 euros for the purchase of works by Austrian artists available. The institutions commit themselves to this amount to 54 000 Euro to increase. Beyond this Fördertopfs the galleries of the museums but little. Since the houses ability to budget your Highness have the full right, is Marketing a rating is often higher than the collection expansion. The galleries needed now is a buying offensive, says Janda and cites Denmark as an example, where recently one has been started.