Digital Graffiti Festival Announces 2018 Finalists

Tuesday, April 3, 2018
Digital Graffiti Festival Announces 2018 Finalists

The projection art festival will feature original digital artworks from artists around the world on May 18-20, 2018.

Presented by the Alys Foundation and sponsored by ChristieDigital Graffiti at Alys Beach—a projection art festival located on Scenic Highway 30A in Northwest Florida’s South Walton County—announces the finalists for the 2018 festival to be held May 18-20, as well as the launch of ticket sales. More than 20 finalists from four countries will gather at Alys Beach to showcase their digital artwork and vie for cash prizes totaling $10,000.

                        “As a shared experience, Digital Graffiti is all about cultivating conversation,” says Brett Phares, the festival’s curator. “It is social cinema within expanded fields of light and sound, the virtual and the real. There is nothing quite like it.”

FINALISTS:      The 2018 finalists include:

        Faiyaz Jafri, Great Neck, New York

        Vinay Khare, Pondicherry, India

        Jane Glennie, Ascot, United Kingdom

        Jesse Wollston, Los Angeles, California

        Kwanghwee Ahn, Seoul, South Korea

        Adam Forrester, Atlanta, Georgia

        Cesar Yague, Alhaurín el Grande, Spain

        Keaton Fox, Cambridge, Massachusetts

        Nowhere Mountain, St. Louis, Missouri

        LIA, Vienna, Austria

        Sarah Doyle, London, United Kingdom

        Katina Bitsicas, Columbia, Missouri

        Sean Capone, New York, New York

        Kelley Bell, Baltimore, Maryland

        Tori Lill, South Melbourne, Australia

        AOA, Orlando, Florida

        Bang Luu, Lawrence, Massachusetts

        Luzena Adams, New York, New York

        Max Hattler, Hong Kong

        Dan Arnold, Cornwall, United Kingdom

        Marpi Marcinowski, San Francisco, CA

        Jean-Michel Rolland, Marseille, France

        Afrah Shafiq, Karnataka, India

        Muriel Montini, Paris, France

        Carlos Vargas, Charlotte, North Carolina

        Till Beutling, Cologne, Germany

Additionally, a select group of artists have been invited to participate in the Digital Graffiti Visiting Artist Series, scheduled for May 9-20, prior to the festival. The three featured artists are John Colette of Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA; Kameron Neal of Brooklyn, NY, and 2017 Best in Show winner; and Emilia Forstreuter of Germany.

A panel of art and industry experts, led by Brett Phares, will serve as the jury for the festival and select works for the Best in Show and Curator’s Choice awards. Three honorable mentions will also be awarded.

Courtesy Digital Graffiti at Alys Beach

Celebrating its 11th year, Digital Graffiti gives artists a large-scale blank canvas to explore the intersection of art and architecture, while creating entirely new art forms. Once darkness falls, the iconic stark-white walls of Alys Beach glow with dozens of dazzling original art projections. 



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Jessica Rankin's new work for 'Art World Goes Green' initiative in support of WWF action on climate crisis.


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