Flemish Government Seeking 2,313 Missing Works of Art

By Dirk Vanduffel - Thursday, March 29, 2018
Flemish Government Seeking 2,313 Missing Works of Art

The Flemish Audit Office provided an expose in the Flemish Parliament today regarding 2,313 works of art that are currently unaccounted for.

The Flemish Audit Office provided an expose in the Flemish Parliament today regarding 2,313 works of art that are currently unaccounted for.  This does not mean that the works have disappeared or were stolen; it is simply impossible to know the precise whereabouts of the art pieces  at the present time.  Belgium has had several reforms of the state in the past decades, therefore it is not known in which offices the works are immediately located, according to Sven Gatz, the Flemish Minister of Culture. Cabinet of Sven Gatz also shared with ArtDependence that it may take years before all the artworks will be located. 
Please see below for a list of 25 of the missing works.
Cuvelier, Werner
De Blieck, Marc The store that gives you more
De Block, Luc Anonieme halfslachtige (elle etait anonime comme moi)
De Clercq, Hugo Movings
De Perlinghi, Jérôme Reeks De Singel
Kellens, Stefan Hafursey (IJsland 84)
Vogelaar, Leon Hygie
Vogelaar, Leon Paysanne Flamande
Vogels, Guillaume Zelfportret
Vogels, Guillaume Paysage
Vonck, Ferdinand Koperen beeld
Vonnot, Violet Lentelandschap
Voordecker, Henri Coq et poules
Vriens, Antoine La sirene au dauphin
Vriens, Antoine Nubilite
Vriens, Antoine Challenge interscollaire sportif (atlete debout)
Vriens, Antoine Nu
Vleeshouwers, Lode Marnix Gijsen
Vlerick, Pierre Matador
Vlerick, Pierre Compositie
Meerbergen, Rudolf Dame in ‘t blauw
Meersman, Luc Bloemtuil
Meerts, Franz
Melchers, Franz La liseuse
Melchers, R.M. Vrouwenprofiel
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Image on top: Auguste Rodin, Kariatide (1874) is among the missing works.

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