Julia Stoschek Awarded the 2018 Art Cologne Prize

Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Julia Stoschek Awarded the 2018 Art Cologne Prize

The renowned collector focuses on time-based media art

Koelnmesse and the Association of German Galleries and Fine Art Dealers are delighted to announce thatthe winner of this year’s ART COLOGNE Prize is the prominent and committed art collector Julia Stoschek. The prize honours exceptional performances in the communication of art, and this year the award ceremony with invited guests will be held in Cologne’s Historic Town Hall at 10.00 a.m. onThursday, 19 April 2018.

The initial spark that inspired Stoschek to start collecting time-based media art with such enthusiasm was an encounter with Douglas Gordon’s Play Dead; Real Time in a New York gallery in 2003. Since then, the renown, well-connected collector has been acquiring contemporary media art works in constant exchange with gallery owners, artists and curators, and she has been exhibiting these works regularly in a former factory building in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel since 2007.

For Julia Stoschek, the art of moving images is her generation’s primary cultural form of expression and she is keen to promote it, preserve it and subject it to scholarly study – covering the entire spectrum from classic data media to the latest web-based and digital technologies. She is interested in multimedia environments, extensive sculptural installations and the small solitary format of a single projection.

Since June 2016, the public has the chance to gain an impression of these works in Berlin, where Julia Stoschek achieved a coup with her “Welt am Draht” exhibition. Thirty-eight main pieces from her collection were displayed in a breath-taking show in a specially remodelled former Czech cultural centre in Leipziger Straße. In a patina-dominated architecture, a broad range of different media art works were staged in a large screening hall, in corridors and bright foyers, in offices and in the nooks and crannies of cellar corners – all with great coherence yet with surprising effects. An amazing curatorial achievement that instilled a desire in many in the Berlin art scene for a permanent presence for the Julia Stoschek Collection in the city.

Julia Stoschek (*1975) comes from a Coburg family. A degree in Business Studies initially pointed the way to a career in the family company Brose, which her great- grandfather established in 1919. But that was not all she was destined for, although she is still an active partner in the company. The family legacy also includes a strong creative side: a grandmother who acted and made films, a father who actually wanted to become a photographer and a grandfather who worked as Music Director at the Coburg Landestheater. This creative spark has carried over into the next generation. 

Image on top: courtesy Pickles PR 


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