Olaf Nicolai has been awarded with Karl Sczuka Prize

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Olaf Nicolai has been awarded with Karl Sczuka Prize

The artist Olaf Nicolai has been awarded with the international renowned Karl Sczuka Prize for audio drama 2017 for his soundpiece IN THE WOODS THERE IS A BIRD... The work was commissioned by documenta 14 radio program / Every Time A Ear di Soun and by Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Olaf Nicolai has been awarded with Karl Sczuka Prize

The artist Olaf Nicolai has been awarded with the international renowned Karl Sczuka Prize for audio drama 2017 for his soundpiece IN THE WOODS THERE IS A BIRD... The work was commissioned by documenta 14 radio program / Every Time A Ear di Soun and by Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

Statement of the jury: Olaf Nicolai composed an intense radio suite based on raw external material of protests and riots that was recorded for radio reports during July 2001 and February 2017. Due to overlays and loops the soundtracks form a kaleidoscopic acoustic image, dealing with the clash of force and faint, of authority and protest. While listening, you find yourself into the tense atmosphere of collective violence and individual vulnerability. Interpretations and evaluations of the sociopolitical reality become questions of each individual.

The members of the independent jury and chaired by the former cultural secretary Christina Weiss were Margarete Zander, Helmut Oehring, Marcel Beyer and Michael Grote.

The prize will be awarded during the Donaueschingen Festival on October 22, 2017.

IN THE WOODS THERE IS A BIRD... can be listened to on the homepage of documenta 14.

Image on top: Olaf Nicolai, IN THE WOODS THERE IS A BIRD..., 2017, Performance featuring Biliana Voutchkova, Schinkel Pavillon, Photo: Eike Walkenhorst

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