Simon Hewitt

Simon Hewitt, UK, Switzerland (Senior writer)
Simon studied History of Art at Oxford University under Francis Haskell before moving to France in 1985 as Paris correspondent for Antiques Trade Gazette and Art+Auction. Since 2008 he has worked as an investigative journalist based in Switzerland and Budapest – his 2018 Art Newspaper exposé of a fake Russian Avant-Garde exhibition in Ghent led to the sacking of the museum director – and pursuing a journalistic and curatorial interest in the contemporary art scene in Central and Eastern Europe. He has also written about wine, travel, soccer and classical music, while his photographs have been the subject of gallery shows. His work Leonardo da Vinci and The Book of Doom, exploring the art of illumination in Renaissance Milan, will be published in October 2019.

Articles (3)

Scraping The Dirt Off The ‘Crime Of The Century’
Article date: Friday, March 26, 2021

Scraping The Dirt Off The ‘Crime Of The Century’

Described as the ‘Crime of the Century’, a series of paintings, all with a common source, have been sold for millions as Old Master masterpieces before being controversially downgraded to the status of modern fakes.

London's Turbulent Russian Market
Article date: Monday, July 1, 2019

London's Turbulent Russian Market

The market for Russian art is one of the strangest in the auction world. It plays out in London – for the quasi-exclusive benefit of Russian dealers and collectors who jet in from Moscow. Its biggest sellers are artists beloved by Russians – who, to international collectors, appear little-known and over-priced. The market is not the preserve of Sotheby’s and Christie’s – but also involves their smaller cousins Bonhams and family firm MacDougall’s, launched in 2004 exclusively to sell Russian art.

3-D Day in Normandy
Article date: Wednesday, June 26, 2019

3-D Day in Normandy

"Outdoor sculpture is hardly an over-reported area of the Art Market so, when I heard that an international selling-show was taking place this Summer on top of a Normandy cliff, I set off to investigate. Not just any old cliff: the cliff in Etretat where Claude Monet painted his famous Impressionist seascapes in the 1880s.".

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Roman Pyatkovka, “VELVET SADNESS”, (1996), photograph glued on velvet passe-partout (paper).

Roman Pyatkovka, “VELVET SADNESS”, (1996), photograph glued on velvet passe-partout (paper).


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