Dirk Vanduffel, Belgium (co-founder, co-editor)
Dirk defines the overall policy of ArtDependence Magazine, in addition to conducting interviews. He specializes in valuation and auctioning.

Anna Savitskaya, Russia, Ukraine (co-founder, co-editor)
Anna is a graduate of Moscow’s Photo Academy, with a previous background in intellectual property rights. In 2012 she founded the company Perspectiva Art, dealing in art consultancy, curatorship, and the coordination of exhibitions. During the bilateral year between Russia and The Netherlands in 2013, Perspectiva Art organized a tour for a Dutch artist across Russia, as well as putting together several exhibitions in the Netherlands, curated by Anna. Since October 2014, Anna has taken an active role the development and management of ArtDependence Magazine. Anna interviews curators and artists, in addition to reviewing books and events, and collaborating with museums and art fairs.

Jennifer Sauer, USA (senior writer, marketing & advertising)
Jennifer Sauer is a writer who holds an M.A. in Literary Arts from New York University. Her background includes writing and communications for diverse fields including the arts, charitable foundations and the financial sector. She lives in New York City with her husband and son.

Rejane Cintrão, Brazil (senior writer)
Rejane Cintrão is an independent curator. Between 1993 and 2005, she worked as Executive Curator at the Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. In 2010, she curated the exhibition 7SP – Seven artists from São Paulo, presented at CAB (Contemporary Art Brussels) in Belgium. From 2006 to 2010, Rejane created and coordinated the Novos Curadores website. Then, in the period 2010-2014, she conceived and curated numerous exhibitions by Brazilian artists. She is presently working as coordinator at Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz, a private contemporary art institution. Her texts have been included in the following books: Arte Concreta Paulista- Grupo Ruptura (Cosac & Naify, São Paulo, 2001), and Algumas Exposições Exemplares, As Salas de Exposição na São Paulo de 1905 a 1930 (Editora Zouk, Porto Alegre, 2011). Rejane is also founder of Isso é Arte, a company specializing in editorial projects, educational programs, and curatorship.

Etienne Verbist, Luxemburg (senior writer)
Etienne Verbist is an authority in the field of crowd sourcing, disruptive business modelling and disruptive art. After a well filled career with companies such as GE, Etienne was an early adopter of crowd sourcing. Etienne is manager Europe and Africa for Crowd Sourcing Week, a board advisor to a broad range of companies on innovation and new technology, curator of the Disruptive Art Museum – the smallest museum in the world – and columnist for ArtDependence Magazine.

Kitty Jackson, UK (senior writer)
Kitty Jackson has worked as an arts journalist and writer for more than 10 years. She began her career as an Editorial Assistant at before moving to IdeasTap to become Assistant Editor. After four years Kitty moved towards digital content and began working with leading PR firm PHA Media, helping them to establish a digital department before moving to iProspect, where she was embedded within the digital content team creating content for leading brands including The Body Shop, Thomas Cook and British Gas. Kitty is now excited to return to the world of arts journalism at ArtDependence.

Kimberly Nichols, USA
Kimberly Nichols is an artist, writer, and social anthropologist in Los Angeles, California. Her conceptual works, literary fiction and creative nonfiction have been exhibited and published internationally. She is the author of the critically acclaimed collection of short stories Mad Anatomy (Del Sol Press, 2005) and is currently writing a second book.

Aina Pomar, UK, Spain
Aina Pomar graduated in Sociology and Photography before completing a Master in New Media Art Curatorship. She has collaborated with Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Majorca and with CCCBLab and Fundació Foto Colectania in Barcelona. She moved to London to work at the Cultural Office of the Embassy of Spain, where she coordinated visual arts and exhibition projects with the aim of promoting Spanish culture and artists across the United Kingdom. She currently collaborates with various galleries and art projects in London.

Lavinia Rosen, Germany
Lavinia Rosen holds a BA in politics and public administration as well as an MA in art business and contemporary art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York and London. After graduating in early 2016 she returned to her hometown Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a pop-up gallery KUNSTVOLL and works as a curator and art advisor in multiple disciplines of the art scene in Hamburg. She loves to travel around to visit exhibitions and meet artists all over Europe.

Yana Stancheva, South Korea
Yana Stancheva is a Seoul-based interdisciplinary artist and freelance writer. She holds a Bachelor degree in Public Relations, Journalism and Social Science and Master’s degree in Film Directing. Her most recent work is focused on cross-cultural artistic influences, Asian art history and psychology.

Sofia Evangelou, Belgium
Sofia is living and working in Brussels. She holds a BA in History, History of Art and Archaeology, and an MA in Art Management at Maastricht University, where she specialized in the art market and wrote a thesis on the impact of art fairs. She has completed several internships at some of the most important European Museums, such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Sofia is also amassing work experience in the art market sector, working for several art galleries in Europe and in the context of leading art fairs. In parallel, she is working as a freelance art manager and advisor, fueled by her passion for art and thirst for new projects. Sofia’s life is going hand in hand with art and travels.

Pavlos Efthymiou, UK
Pavlos Efthymiou is a London-based business and policy consultant with a passion for art. He is contributing to ArtDependence as a guest editor. Pavlos travels systematically to Brussels and Athens and hunts major artistic events and exhibitions throughout Europe when given the chance. Over the years, he has collaborated with several European artists and gallerists. He has a background in politics, economics and international relations, having completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Bath and his postgraduate research at the University Cambridge, in the United Kingdom.

Vanessa Souli, Germany
Vanessa Souli is an Art Manager and Arts Writer. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MA in Arts & Heritage Management from Maastricht University. Vanessa has worked as a translator, editor and writer both in-house and freelance for several years. In the last years, she has been writing art texts for various online art magazines, artists and websites with a focus on artist interviews and exhibition reviews.

Tetyana Filevska, Ukraine
Tetyana Filevska is a free-lance art-manager and scholar based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Graduated from the Department of Philosophy at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Has worked for the EIDOS Arts Development Foundation, CSM/The Center for Contemporary Art Foundation, and the IZOLYATSIA Platform for Cultural Initiatives, as well as at Mystetskyi Arsenal as part of the Education and Public Programming team for the First Kyiv Biennale of contemporary art, ARSENALE 2012. She was a co-curator of the course “Malevych’s Kyiv Lectures: A Reconstruction” (November–December 2015). She initiated and organized International conference “Kazymyr Malevych: the Kyiv Aspect” (6-9 October 2016). Her academic interest is modern art, Ukrainian avant-garde art and Kazimir Malevich.

Bianca Zhuoxian He, USA
Bianca Zhuoxian He is a multimedia journalist from China currently living in the U.S. She has a Master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School, where she specialized in video production. She has been covering stories in immigration, science and the environment.

Séverine Grosjean, Guatemala
Séverine Grosjean is a journalist and art critic. Séverine graduated in Geography with a Masters in Political Sciences, Sociology and Communication. Séverine had exchanges at the Institute of Iberoamerica (Salamanca, Spain) in Communication and at the University of Lisbon (Portugal) in Communication and Contemporary Artistic Practices. She was the assistant of the Ecuadorian photoreporter, Pablo Corral Vega (Ecuador) and worked in “Ojos Propios” the Peruvian Association for participatory photography (Peru). Later, Séverine was the assistant of the Guatemalan gallerist Victor Martinez (Sol Del Rio) in Guatemala.

Verena Johannsmann, Germany
While thinking about advancement of her theses and post doc research in Avantgarde Performance-Art, Dr. Verena Johannsmann worked for Art Basel on Curatorial Design (between Miami Beach and Hong Kong) in the last months. Before then, she assisted temporarily with the preparation for the Honolulu Biennale Foundation and its Prologue Exhibition in Hawaii while she was finishing her PhD thesis in Europe. Verena Johannsmann currently works and lives in Berlin and feels at home in research activities in international libraries (including the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts), artists’ archives and private collections (Paul Rosenberg Collection, New York). Verena worked in several museum environments like the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As a Trainee, she assisted Klaus Biesenbach in the Media and Performance-Art Department and Michelle Elligott in the Archives of the Museum. Besides press work, corresponding with high profile individuals and international artists (such as Marina Abramovic, Tehching Hsieh), Verena assisted with the preparation and implementation of two major exhibition projects. To that, Verena also worked in several auctioning environments while she was studying and finishing her PhD.

Anne Diestelkamp, Germany
Anne Diestelkamp is a Berlin-based Bachelor candidate in Art History and English Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, focusing on modern and contemporary art. Striving to share her enthusiasm for the arts with the student population, she is working for several art networks and museums societies such as Kunstnetzwerk Berlin e.V. and Kaiser-Friedrich-Museumsverein Berlin. Anne Diestelkamp has completed several internships within the arts, including placements at Collectors Room/Olbricht Collection and Bernheimer Contemporary- art solutions and projects. She is currently working as a freelance curator and studio assistant.

Ozana Plemenitash, USA
Ozana Plemenitash is senior at New York University studying Art History and French. Striving to share her enthusiasm for the arts with the student population, she is the co-president of NYU’s Fine Arts Society. In 2013, she helped co-curate an exhibition at Ursinus College entitled A to Z: Highlighting the Berman Collection. She has held numerous internships within the arts, including positions at the International Center of Photography and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. In the summer of 2015, she began dabbling in freelance journalism by writing for the online platform Art Versed. She currently works at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery.

Maria Bendito, Spain
Maria Bendito is an art historian based in Barcelona. She graduated from the University of Barcelona and now she is completing an MA in Advanced Studies, which allows her focus on her fields of interest: art and architectural theory as well as contemporary thought. She has experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Barcelona and as a documentation assistant at Arts Santa Mònica. Maria currently combines art history with guided tours in the city.

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Museo Jumex (a private art collection based in Mexico City, Mexico) / David Chipperfield. Image © Simon Menges

Museo Jumex (a private art collection based in Mexico City, Mexico) / David Chipperfield. Image © Simon Menges


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