The Collection of Sir Elton John : Goodbye Peachtree Road for sale at Christie's

Friday, January 12, 2024
The Collection of Sir Elton John : Goodbye Peachtree Road for sale at Christie's

This February, Christie's will present the iconic property from music legend Elton John’s former Atlanta home in a series of landmark sales at Christie’s Rockefeller Center.

Beginning with an evening sale on Wednesday, February 21, the series will be comprised of 8 sales in total, both live and online. The auctions of this extraordinary collection represent a turning point in the celebrated singer's personal journey and offers collectors a rare opportunity to own a piece of its rich history.

The city of Atlanta played a crucial role in John’s life, becoming the hub he would return to throughout his numerous tours within the United States. He solidified this connection to Atlanta in 1992 when he acquired the condominium in Park Place, on Peachtree Road. His unexpected choice of Atlanta as a residence was driven by personal reasons. After becoming sober in 1990, he found solace and support in the warm community and recovery facilities of the city, such as the Triangle Club, which played a critical part in his recovery.

Tash Perrin, Deputy Chairman, Christie’s Americas, remarks: “It is a distinct privilege for Christie's to partner with Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish in curating the forthcoming auction: 'The Collection of Sir Elton John: Goodbye Peachtree Road.' This extraordinary collection not only showcases a diverse array of remarkable objects that encapsulate Elton's unique life, work, and art but also provides our clients with a glimpse into the profound impact that the city of Atlanta had on him. In the two weeks leading up to the sales, Christie's Rockefeller Center Galleries will transform into a series of specially designed immersive spaces, offering a dynamic view into the world of Elton John. We take immense pride in presenting this multi-category sale, featuring a refined assortment of photographs, artworks, fashion, and costumes — a testament to a man's eclectic vision, artistry, and impeccable taste.”

Over the years, Elton John assembled a distinctive collection of works of art, objects and memorabilia, many of them crafted specifically for his home on Peachtree Road. Fans will discover an in-depth look at Elton John’s deep passion for photographs, which he began collecting avidly in the 1990s. Creating a gallery-like atmosphere, he adorned the walls of his Atlanta residence with pieces by pioneering artists, such as Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Robert Mapplethorpe, Peter Beard, Herb Ritts, Richard Avedon and more.

Also included in the collection are highly intimate artworks crafted personally for Elton John and his husband David Furnish. Among them is Damien Hirst's "Your Song" signed and inscribed 'xxx for Elton + David love Damien Thank You,' with an estimated value of $350,000-450,000; as well as a portrait of Elton John by Julian Schnabel, estimated to be worth $200,000-300,000.

The sale also highlights a selection of fashion pieces from the iconic performer's dazzling stage wardrobe, including a noteworthy Ivory and Gold Ensemble designed by Annie Reavey in circa 1971. This ensemble (estimate $8,000 - 12,000) holds historical significance as one of the initial sets of stage attire crafted exclusively for Elton John.

A testament to Elton John’s eclectic tastes, his Atlanta apartment featured elaborate Versace upholstery—a nod to John's longstanding friendship with the Versace family. Included in the sale is an incredible group of Versace items including a selection of vintage Gianni Versace shirts estimated at $4,000-6,000, in addition to tableware and home décor. The condo served as a personal sanctuary with a grand piano (estimate $30,000-50,000) art glass collections, antiques, and artifacts from his global travels.

Main Image Terry O'Neill (1938–2019) Elton John (Album Cover Variant)

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